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Past Program

* Date : 2015-01-07

KoreaToday Ep740
Winter Pastimes: Go Skating & Sledding Seoul

We’re in the middle of the winter season, so why not learn to enjoy the cold weather?? Skate and sled to your heart’s desire, right in the heart of Seoul. We’ll show you where.

Green Cars with Improved Efficiency and Style

If a new mode of private transportation has been on your ‘things-I-want’ list, join us on HOT ITEMS, ‘cuz we have EVs on the brain and they are cooler, greener, and more efficient than ever.


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1732 2015-01-09 KoreaToday Ep742
1731 2015-01-08 KoreaToday Ep741
1730 2015-01-07 KoreaToday Ep740
1729 2015-01-06 KoreaToday Ep739
1728 2015-01-05 KoreaToday Ep738
1727 2015-01-02 KoreaToday Ep737
1726 2015-01-01 KoreaToday Ep736
1725 2014-12-31 KoreaToday Ep735
1724 2014-12-30 KoreaToday Ep734
1723 2014-12-29 KoreaToday Ep733
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