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* Date : 2015-01-06

KoreaToday Ep739
Future Prospects of Northeast Asian Ties in Inter-Korean Relations

Starting off the New Year, we have US-North Korea relations going down and South-North ties going up. We take an in-depth look into the diplomatic dynamics in Northeast Asia with experts on the topic.

Starting fresh with medical checkups

With the turn of the year, more people are looking to receive medical checkups to start fresh on the right foot. These days there are more options in greater detail catering to your needs and age group. We learn more about what's available with an expert.

Busan's polar bear winter swim festival

Bone-chilling temperatures make most people want to huddle around a cozy fire, but for some it brings out the opposite. About 3,000 polar bear swimmers gathered at a festival in Busan to take a dip. Why is this so popular? Alex Sigrist checks it out.

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