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* Date : 2015-01-02

KoreaToday Ep737
Korean films to look forward to in 2015

With the New Year, we look at some of the up-and-coming Korean movies that will go up on the silver screen and what to look forward to. From films studded with top-tier actors to period movies and those based on classic storylines, Yim Yoon-hee offers us a peek into Korean films for the year.

Hidden Gems Making It Big in 2015

Which celebrities will make it big in 2015? We handpicked the most promising talent ranging from movie stars to K-pop singers. They may appear to be new blood but these faces have all been around for years. We look at the hidden gems now enjoying their much delayed spotlight.

Dorumuk Fresh in Season

As the temperatures plunge there's something that starts tasting better and better. Dorumuk, or sailfin sandfish, is now full in season. They're plump, fresh, and perfect to enjoy as a winter specialty. Joe McPherson shows us how to cook up some dorumuk dishes in his kitchen.

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