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* Date : 2014-12-30

KoreaToday Ep734
Year of FTA

: 2014 could be remembered as the "year of free trade deals" for South Korea.
Over the past 12 months, Seoul has concluded negotiations with China, Canada, New Zealand and Vietnam, with an FTA with Australia taking effect. Arirang News' Trade Ministry correspondent Song Ji-sun wraps up the year and gives us a preview for 2015

The battle to quit smoking

With the New Year right around the corner more people are vowing to cut loose bad habits and smoking is one of them. Simple will power is often just not enough. We look at how to kick your nicotine addiction and stub out that habit of lighting up.

2014 wrap-up for best of the buzz

2014 like any other year was full of new trends and sensations that brought with them plenty of fun and excitement. We look at the best of the buzz from technology to snacks and even the person of the year. Alex Sigrist has a wrap-up on What's the Buzz.


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