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* Date : 2014-12-23

KoreaToday Ep729

Korea has cut its growth forecast for this year and the next as concerns rise that the country might be slipping into a low-growth trap. To make sure it doesn't, officials have pledged to push through with comprehensive structural reforms in 2015. Arirang News' Hwang Ji-hye tells us what is on the government's to-do list for next year.

Health Trend
Ways to Keep Your Liver Happy

As we inch towards the end of the year, there are often year-end parties back-to-back with endless rounds of drinking. This may lead not only to nasty hangovers but a lot of strain on your liver. How do you protect your liver and keep it in better shape? We have Doctor Tan joining us for more.

What's the buzz
Best Mobile Apps of the Year

Each year there are a ton of mobile apps flooding the market with crazy brilliant ideas. Practical, convenient, and full of sheer joy, we look at the cream of the crop with Alex Sigrist, who brings us the 2014 App Awards. Check out some of the best for your gadgets.


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