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* Date : 2014-12-17

KoreaToday Ep725

Japanese premier Shinzo Abe and his party on Sunday won two-thirds of the lower house seats, enabling them to pass bills without approval by the upper house. But beyond his push for 'Abenomics' lies other goals, such as easing Tokyo's pacifist constitutions as well as restarting its nuclear power plants. Arirang News' Song Ji-sun tells us what we can expect over the next four years.

Revitalize and Rejuvenate: Healing Spas in Seoul

You can't help but yearn for heat and warmer places when winter rolls around, but you don't have to look far! We'll show you where you can go in Seoul for a 'healing spa' experience that will rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Wearable Tech Kicks into High Gear, Function & Style

Smart watches and smart wearables are just getting better these days - in function and style! So check out what's out there and available for you and get your IT groove on with HOT ITEMS.

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