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* Date : 2014-12-16

KoreaToday Ep724
Detox baths and their effects

There's nothing like taking a hot dip in the tub these days, and more people are getting into the so-called "detox bath" trend. From salt, mugwort, to seaweed, plenty of additives are being used to enhance the experience, we learn more about the effects of these baths.

App trends close-up, App Show Korea

From online to offline, App Show Korea 2014 was all the buzz for gadget geeks and IT lovers. Derek Stelma takes us to the country's largest application exposition to get a look at everything from drones to augmented reality.


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1722 2014-12-26 KoreaToday Ep732
1721 2014-12-25 KoreaToday Ep731
1720 2014-12-24 KoreaToday Ep730
1719 2014-12-23 KoreaToday Ep729
1718 2014-12-22 KoreaToday Ep728
1717 2014-12-19 KoreaToday Ep727
1716 2014-12-18 KoreaToday Ep726
1715 2014-12-17 KoreaToday Ep725
1714 2014-12-16 KoreaToday Ep724
1713 2014-12-15 KoreaToday Ep723
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