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* Date : 2014-12-15

KoreaToday Ep723
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From last Tuesday through Friday, leaders of Korea and 11 ASEAN member states gathered and discussed ways for cooperation. We take a closer look on major issues addressed during the summit.

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Get a glimpse of a timeline for the past century of how makeup and hair styles have changed! Watch footage of skiiers around the world taking advantage of the winter to do what they do best. All this and more, coming up on VIRAL FEED.

Postnatal care centers, a part of Korea's unique postpartum culture

Another part of Korean culture that has piqued the interests of women overseas are the postnatal care centers around the country. Beneficial for both the baby and new mother, these care centers have become a major part of the postpartum period. We'll find out more about it on #CURIOUSINKOREA.

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