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* Date : 2014-11-27

KoreaToday Ep711
North Korean defectors' employment in South Korea

About 1,500 North Korean defectors arrive in South Korea every year. Their major issue is how to settle in the South. We analyze their employment status and how their past education and work experience influence the career choice.

Itaewon, Seoul’s Global Village

Walking through the neighborhood of Itaewon in Seoul is like getting a glimpse into cultures all across the globe! Even back in the day, Itaewon has been quite cosmopolitan and we’ll learn about all that it has to offer today.

Itaewon Fashion: Dare To Be Yourself

The styles and fashion you see at Itaewon shops are as free-spirited as the people on the streets. Joey and Jeniffer make it their mission to bring us what’s hot at Itaewon – do-it-yourself fashion and more.

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1702 2014-11-28 KoreaToday Ep712
1701 2014-11-27 KoreaToday Ep711
1700 2014-11-26 KoreaToday Ep710
1699 2014-11-25 KoreaToday Ep709
1698 2014-11-24 KoreaToday Ep708
1697 2014-11-21 KoreaToday Ep707
1696 2014-11-20 KoreaToday Ep706
1695 2014-11-19 KoreaToday Ep705
1694 2014-11-18 KoreaToday Ep704
1693 2014-11-17 KoreaToday Ep703
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