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* Date : 2014-11-24

KoreaToday Ep708
2010 attack

November 23, 2010: North Korea bombards South Korea's western border island of Yeonpyeong-do.
Over 170 heavy artillery rounds were fired from the North, demolishing buildings and killing two civilians, two marines, while wounding 16 others. Hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate.
The attack marks the first launched by North Korea on South Korean territory since the Korean War.
Arirang reporter Kim Hyun-bin is reports live from the scene of the 2010 attack with the latest on the Korean military's readiness and strategy to counter North Korean provocations.

Viral Feed
Viral pictures and videos of the week

What are the Korean foods that foreigners who lived in Korea will miss most? VIRAL FEED brings you food clips; daddies looking after their toddlers in the best way they can; and video to show you what it's like to be a bird... a plane... no, Superman! That's still ahead.

Get the scoop on Korea's "meok-bang" trend

Why do Koreans find it so fun to watch people eating on TV or on the internet? American Chelci Arnold decides to get some answers to her questions regarding the "meokbang," literally "eating show or eating-on-air," phenomenon – so if that's been puzzling you, too, stay tuned for #CURIOUS_IN_KOREA.

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