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* Date : 2014-11-19

KoreaToday Ep705
Foreign journalists view towards the most contentious issues on the Korean peninsulae

Foreign journalists are invited to Korea under Arirang's invitational program. Take a look at how foreign journalists view the two most contentious issues on the Korean peninsula.

'Tis the Season for Gimjang

It's that time of the year when Korea gets their kimchi-groove on! Join us today as we check out urban farming and participate in the traditional kimchi-making and preserving tradition, called gimjang.

Modern Amenity Upgrades for your Bathroom

Turn your 'jump in and out of the shower' routine into something much more this season: A bathtub TV & DVD; a showerhead that filters bacteria and chlorine; plus a bathroom heater that will warm and dry your towels, too! Hear about these extra-nice bathroom amenities on HOT ITEMS.

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1702 2014-11-28 KoreaToday Ep712
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1699 2014-11-25 KoreaToday Ep709
1698 2014-11-24 KoreaToday Ep708
1697 2014-11-21 KoreaToday Ep707
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1695 2014-11-19 KoreaToday Ep705
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