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* Date : 2014-11-18

KoreaToday Ep704
The 2nd Busan International Port Conference

11 countries in America, Europe and Asia participated in the conference to discuss prospect and challenges for Busan Port. We take a closer look on Busan Port which has the fifth largest container traffic volume in the world.

Warming foods that keep you healthy

With temperatures starting to drop more rapidly, we look into the growing interest in warming foods. From ginseng, ginger, to jujubes, we look at a number of hot ingredients that can help keep you healthy throughout the winter.

Journey to Yeongwol's ten scenic spots

The morning dawns with a new mission in Yeongwol, where Derek and Alex have been staying at a special guest house. Where does their journey take them next in finding the ten scenic spots? An interesting ride on a raft and a "cross-country" hike?


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