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* Date : 2014-11-17

KoreaToday Ep703
National Cohesion toward Reunification

The third part of special report on 'National Cohesion.' We take a closer look at what kind of efforts are being made in South Korea and how its social integration will ultimately lead to the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

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Using the power of makeup alone, there’s a woman who can imitate the look of ANY K-Pop star! Plus, clips on how Americans react after tasting Korean snacks, and stunning images of the cosmos by NASA. All this and more is coming your way.

Why do Koreans love taking photos of everything?

Good-looking selfies are just the basics when it comes to Koreans and their love for taking photos of anything, anywhere and everywhere! Megan Bowen from the U.S. wants to find out why that is, so she takes her questions to the streets on #CURIOUS_IN_KOREA.


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1702 2014-11-28 KoreaToday Ep712
1701 2014-11-27 KoreaToday Ep711
1700 2014-11-26 KoreaToday Ep710
1699 2014-11-25 KoreaToday Ep709
1698 2014-11-24 KoreaToday Ep708
1697 2014-11-21 KoreaToday Ep707
1696 2014-11-20 KoreaToday Ep706
1695 2014-11-19 KoreaToday Ep705
1694 2014-11-18 KoreaToday Ep704
1693 2014-11-17 KoreaToday Ep703
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