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Presidential Election 2007
Televised Debate for the 17th Presidential Election
Today (December 6th) we are meeting the so-called BIG 3 at our studio.
Each party is preparing meticulously for a small scale but all-out psychological warfare for poll-raising publicity. As the presidential debate will be televised, viewers will not only be listening to the speech contexts but they will be observing the candidates down to every facial expression. What is happening behind the scenes in preparation for this nerve-wrecking, one-take, lengthy 100 minute debate? Beginning from the day prior to the day of the debate, we will look into the details of the advised speeches to each candidates outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and etc. Buzz into KOREA NOW to watch the cooperation among top specialists of several fields to organize for this debate.
The Beautiful Festival of Lights
During the month of December, Koreas nights are more beautiful than the days.
The spirit of hope, sharing, and love, shines in the night lights that keep our world bright. It is rather hard to imagine the night streets without the colorful, beautiful illuminations. Such magnificent perfection! The Luminarie is the year-ends special festival of lights displayed in the hectic streets of the Cheonggye Stream shopping district. There are Christmas tree lights and even candle exhibitions everywhere. Lets all enjoy the splendid warming lights together.
On The Spot
The True Flavor of Pohang, Gwamegi
There are people who actually are happily welcoming the cold! Guryongpo harbors community! The harbor is the central distributor of the gwamegi fish. Guryongpo is overloaded with the process of drying gwamegi. The delicious taste is a given, but this fish is also abundant with nutrition. This year Guryongpo has been nominated the industrial zone for gwamegi. Recently, this port has been preparing to export gwamegi globally as it has captured the taste buds of people all over the world. Take a visit to the winter seasons accustomed home of gwamegi with KOREA NOW.
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