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Heart to Heart(OLD)
Heart to Heart
Past Program
English Service Korean Service On
̵ κ Ƹٿ - ȣ & 迵 αȸ κ
  ûҳ  䰡 Ǿְ ִ ȣ Ҹ ߷ ãư αȸ 迵 . ְ, ʡ ľ ٴϴ ȭ ڷ ϰ, λ 2 ο ް κ Ѵ.

30 ˻ ɾ ȣ. ״ ʴ ûҳȸ ȣ ϸ Ȱ Ȱ ĿԴ. Ŀ ûҳ α ȣ ûҳ ̴µ ּ ϰ ִ.

׸ ǻ ȯ ȣ ֵ ؾ Ѵٴ Ҽǰ , Ҽ ڸ ȣϴ ǰ ָ޾ƿ 迵 2004, 48 ̷ ù ӸǸ ȭ Ǿµ.. 30 Ȱ ģ ׳ ȣ ʰ, ε ȣϱ ٻ ִ.

<Ʈ Ʈ> ûҳ յ ذ ûҳ Ŵ̡ ȣ ҿܵ ʴ ˳ ǰ ȸ ϴ 迵 ð ߰غ.
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Executive Producer
- â
- 層
Assistant Director
- ڼҿ
English Writer
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