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Heart to Heart(OLD)
Heart to Heart
Past Program
English Service OnKorean Service
A Married Couple Making the World a Better Place - Lawyer Kang Ji-won & Kim Young-ran, Chairperson of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
  Lawyer Kang Ji-won is living his life as a mentor for the weak, such as underprivileged youth or children with disabilities, always being on their side. His wife, Kim Young-ran, serves the people and listens to their voice as Chairperson of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC). The married couple put behind the glamorous lives that they each had and are now living their lives trying to light up the dark with hopes and dreams to make the world a better place.

Kang Ji-won worked as a prosecutor for almost 30 years and was also active in dealing with the youth as the first Chairman of The Commission on Youth Protection. After retiring from his position as a prosecutor, Kang became a human rights lawyer for the youth and has been dedicating his best efforts to fill their lives with hope.

At the age of 48, Kim Young-ran became Korea's first-ever female Supreme Court justice in 2004. Since then, she has made an utmost effort in expanding constitutionalism for the social minorities. Kim worked as a judge in the field of law for almost thirty years and after retiring from her position, she became Chairperson of the ACRC and is now leading a busy life trying to protect the rights of the people.

Let's meet the married couple Kang Ji-won and Kim Young-ran and listen to the stories of their lives on today's 'Heart to Heart'.
  Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Yoon Hye-young
- Park Chang-hoon
- Jang Kwang-su
Assistant Director
- Shin Hyun-jung
- Park So-young
- Lee Hye-seon
English Writer
- Kim Whizy
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