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Lead Ballerina of the National Ballet Companies of Korea & Netherlands – Kim Ji-young
  Ballerina Kim Ji-young, who is the lead ballerina of the Korea National Ballet and Dutch National Ballet, is evaluated to possess the best technique in Korea.
After graduating from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia at the age of 18 and becoming the youngest member of Korea National Ballet, she began sweeping up prizes in numerous international competitions. However, she wasn’t vain about her achievements. In 2002, she went to Europe and became the lead ballerina of the Dutch National Ballet.
After being invited to perform in Swan Lake with the Rome Opera & Ballet in 2007, she also played Kitri in a production of Don Quixote with the same company in 2010. She earned outstanding evaluation in both productions from the audience as well as the legendary Italian ballerina Karla Placido
After returning to Korea National Ballet in 2009, she played the main character in “Giselle” and “Romeo and Juliet” in sold-out shows last year. Today, she is receiving offers from productions around the world, and she was recently appointed as the principal of an international ballet academy.
On today’s Heart to Heart, we have invited the world-class ballerina Kim Ji-young.
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