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Violinist who Performed in the Season Opening of Carnegie Hall- Park Ji-hae
  Park Ji-hae is the first Korean to perform in the opening concert of Carnegie Hall. Park Ji-hae performed in the opening concert of the 2011-2012 Season, and she is capturing the spotlight with her world-class performance and a dramatic life story.

Park Ji-hae's talent can be describe simply by the fact that the difficult personnel at Carnegie Hall immediately approved lending the concert hall after seeing her performance.

Born in Germany, she received intensive training under her mother, who also studied the violin. Thanks to her hard work and the talent handed down from her mother, she soon earned a reputation as a true prodigy.
When she was 14, the School of Music in Mainz changed their admission regulations to let her study at the school. After winning German Youth Competition or 2 years in a row, the Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben(German Foundation of Musical Life) lent her a Guarneri violin, which is a masterpiece that was made in 1735, for free. Only three of Guarneri violin are in existence today, and it is estimated to be worth of over 35 million Dollars.

However, even this musical prodigy suffered numerous hardships, including economic difficulties and years of depression brought on by stress from music. She overcame her depression by volunteering to perform in Korea's distant island Sorok-do and various hospitals. On today's Heart to Heart, we have invited Park Ji-hae, a violinist who overcame hardships with hope.
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