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Korean Freakonomists
Korean Freakonomists
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Creating One-of-a-Kind Weddings: Home Wedding Planner Ahn Gyeong-ja
Its a precious day that happens once in your life. Thats why everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding. But that dream rarely becomes a reality. In Korea, weddings have become financial affairs between the guests and couple. One woman is working hard to change that. She creates weddings in a beautiful garden with the blessings of all in attendance. There is something special about her weddings. Ahn Gyeong-ja creates one-of-a-kind weddings which move and surprise everyone. Here is the story of her success.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Min Tae-kyung
English Edition Director
- Park Sang-hyun
English Edition Assistant Director
- Lee Hee-in
Directed by
- Business &
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