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Face to Face
Face to Face
Past Program
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Statute of Limitations
A statute of limitations sets a time limit for the prosecution of crimes. This legal system was enacted to prevent reckless prosecutions and protracted investigations and minimize the waste of human resources. But many felons take advantage of this system and commit more crimes once their statute of limitations runs out, thus exacerbating public anxiety. Should the statute of limitations be abolished to prevent repeat crimes?
Proposition Team
1 Jung Hye-eun
High School Student
2 Lee So-min
High School Student
3 Park Seung-joon
High School Student
Opposition Team
1 Hahn Hyung-il
High School Student
2 Whang Na-ryeung
High School Student
3 Park Hoon-sung
High School Student
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Han Yong-kee
- Lee Kyu-yun
- Pang Jun-young
- Ahn Sang-min
- Jung Hee-jung
- Logandran Balavijendran
Directed by
- Provision
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