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StarCraft Ⅱ
Air Date: Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Host: Jason Lee, Nicora A. Plott

Wings of Liberty was created by Blizzard Entertainment as a sequel to StarCraft. This science-fiction strategy video game is set in a futuristic galaxy, four years after the Brood War. Similarly, StarCraft II surrounds a fight between three different species: the human Terrans, who were exiled from Earth, the Zerg, an arthropod-like species, and the Protoss, aliens who have vast mental powers.

S4 League
Genre: TPS
Creators: Pentavision

S4 League is a third-person shooter game that changes its concept every season. It has already shown Gothic and steampunk styles through the previous 2 seasons.
Players fight with their own weapons against a background of a concept-oriented map. The concept is not limited, and the map and weapons change according to the concept. It provides unconventional weapons and a Siege Mode that blocks the enemy's approach. The game was initially a war simulator, but was converted into a sports league.


Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-gon
- Choi Han-young
- Min Tae-kyung
- Kim Yang-sik
- Yoon Jin-young 
- Shin Jin-ho

- Jason Lee
- Philippe Cho
- Nicora A. Plott  

Directed by
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