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Documentary World
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Conquering With Taste

Episode 3 -From the Fingertips to the World

Success or failure depends on the fingertips of the star chefs with extraordinary passion, talents and experience!

We exclusively report on the star chef, Nobu Matsuhisa who runs 23 restaurants in among other places, New York, London, Hong Kong and across 5 continents, he is making a sensational economical and cultural ripple by the means of food throughout the world and we listen to the secret of his success to find out the qualifications needed to become a star chef.

The head chef, Song DeokMo searches for the best ingredients for Korean recipes throughout Korea and works hard on keeping the traditional flavors.
The young star chef, Lim JungSik puts a new style of ingredients with Korean food using his unique sense.
The culinary school in the UK, W.K.C has become an producer of star chefs thanks to the education through practical training.
Many programs that cultivate star chefs who produce Korean food and star-chef-wanna-be's are throwing down the gauntlet on the dreams of these young chefs.

We report upon many present Korean chefs' and check out the possibility of the birth of a new Korean star chef.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Park Sang-hyun
- Jung Yoon-mi
- Kim Ji-eun
- Lee Hee-in
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