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Coree Arirang
Coree Arirang
Past Program
English Service OnKorean Service
Embarking on the American Dream Anew
The Chungs, who came to the U.S. 16 years ago, experienced an American nightmare. They were faced with a lawsuit by an American judge because of a pair of pants. But the couple received an outpouring of support from Americans who heard their story. They now embark anew on the American dream.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Min Yong-eung
- Han Yong-kee
- Kim Jee-hye
English Edition Director
- Hong Jong-ho
English Edition Assistant Director
- Lee Hee-in
English Translator
- ArirangTV Media
English Editor
- Kim Ko-eun
Script & Composition
- Lee Jin-joo
- Lee Kil-do
Directed by
- The FOS
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Broadcasting range
Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, Arab, Korea

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