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Arirang Today
Arirang Today
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U.S.-N. Korea Follow-Up Meeting on Food Aid Likely To Be Held Next Week  
U.S.-N. Korea Follow-Up Meeting on Food Aid Likely To Be Held Next Week
Following a dramatic break-through in nuclear negotiations between the United States and North Korea on Pyeongyang's suspension of its nuclear activities there seems to be progress in working out thei...
Details to be Ironed Out on US-N.Korea Agreement
Six-Party Countries Welcome Pyeongyang's Decision, Actions Must Be Followed
D-40 General Election: '2040 Generation', Friend or Foe?
State of Syria
The situation in Syria has grown more intense. Some experts expect the collapse of the government. Arirang Today will look into it.
Welcoming Spring
It's already March, and spring is in the air. Despite the cold weather, there are many people who welcome the new season in a delicious way by getting a taste of the freshest spring fruits and vegetables. Arirang Today will find a way to usher in the new season.
In Search of Mr. and Ms. Right
Finding Mr. or Ms. right might not be easy, but with the help of novel and innovative ways, more singles are finally meeting their long-awaited soulmates. Arirang Today will meet the people who turn to professional help to find their soulmates.
Dongui Bogam
Dongui Bogam  
Globalizing Korean Oriental Medicine
"Donguibogam" is a Korean medical text compiled by Heo Jun, a renowned doctor in the 17th century. At the time, it had a profound influence on medicine across East Asia, and today, its value is being recognized anew. In 2009, the 400-year-old treaties became the first medical text to be registered into the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. Arirang Today will introduce the globalizing Korean Oriental medicine.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Han Yong Kee
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Lee Hun-jae
- Kim Hoon
- Lee Jun
- Lee Hyun Ah

Associate Producers
- Park Tae-yeul
- Hong Byung-mok
- Park Hee-ju
- Song Won-joon
- Chung Ji-an
- Kang Ho-sun
- Kwon Min-ju
- Na Nu-ri
- Koo Tae Lim

- Sean Lim
- Yu Ji-hae
- Yu Eun-seon
- Baik In-sook
- Yoon Jung-hye
- Seo Hye-mi
- Park Da-jeong
- Jung Ji-hee
- Noh Ji-hyun
- Song Chun-young
English Editor
- Paul Park
English Writers
- Baek Geum-yeol
- Won Ho-jeong
- Ha Ae-rin 
- So-jung Park
Weather Caster
- Sara Ko

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