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Arirang Today
Arirang Today
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WHO Confirmed Human-to-Human Transmission of Swine Flu  
WHO Confirmed Human-to-Human Transmission of Swine Flu
We begin with the latest on swine flu Despite global efforts to curb the spread of the virus the World Health Organization confirmed on Tuesday that the swine flu virus is being transmitted between h...
Swine Flu Spreads Fast in US, California Declares Emergency
Woman in Korea Believed to Have Come Down With Swine Flu
Swine Flu Spreads Worldwide
International Issue
International Issue  
Swine flu
Governments worldwide raced to contain the spread of a new strain of swine flu that has killed over 80 people in Mexico. So far, the deaths are only in Mexico, but reports of about two dozen confirmed and suspected cases have surfaced in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Europe. Arirang Today examines the overall situation of swine flue virus, and Korea as well as the global response and management against it.
The Interview
The Interview  
Korea -EU FTA-
According to recent report from Korea Economic Research Institute, there will be a huge advantage from the Free Trade Agreement on automobile industry between Korea and EU. That is because of the increase in importing large sized gasoline cars and components of them. Arirang Today hosts Jean-Marie Hurtiger, the president from The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea and talk about the possible changes in Korean Automobile market.
Nail Art: Art On Your Fingertips
There is an old saying that people with pretty hands are the true beauty. Many people believe that female beauty comes from the hands. Today, hands became very important means for self-expression for young females along with face and appearance. Arirang Today takes you to the world of nail art, art on your fingertips.
Auroville Series
Auroville Series  
Sadhana Forest: A Smaller Auroville
Sadhana foreset, so called a smaller Auroville, has been taken desert afforestation project since 5 years ago. In that forest, there are approximately 30 volunteers who share an idea of saving the Earth from reducing carbon dioxide. They use human excrement for soil fertilizer, and use solar energy for electricity. Arirang Today follows 24 hours of Sadhana forest, where the desert afforestation project is going on.
  Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Han Yong Kee
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Lee Hun-jae
- Kim Hoon
- Lee Jun
- Lee Hyun Ah

Associate Producers
- Park Tae-yeul
- Hong Byung-mok
- Park Hee-ju
- Song Won-joon
- Chung Ji-an
- Kang Ho-sun
- Kwon Min-ju
- Na Nu-ri
- Koo Tae Lim

- Sean Lim
- Yu Ji-hae
- Yu Eun-seon
- Baik In-sook
- Yoon Jung-hye
- Seo Hye-mi
- Park Da-jeong
- Jung Ji-hee
- Noh Ji-hyun
- Song Chun-young
English Editor
- Paul Park
English Writers
- Baek Geum-yeol
- Won Ho-jeong
- Ha Ae-rin 
- So-jung Park
Weather Caster
- Sara Ko

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