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Arirang Today
Arirang Today
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Economic Issues
Economic Issues  
North Korea's Missile Impact on Financial Market
As North Korea is proceeding its nuclear experiments and missile launches, there has been controversies around the matters of financial market. Arirang Today will examine how this missile launch gives what kind of impact on South Korea's economy.
The Interview
The Interview  
North Korea Returning to US Black List?
The United States is considering relisting North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, as the international community seeks to sanction Pyongyang for its second nuclear test in nearly three years. In addition, as two U.S. journalists have been handed 12-year sentences in North Korea's notorious prison camps, the world is worried for the worsening of relationship between North Korea and the U.S.. Arirang Today will host Professor Kim Tae-hyun from Global Affairs and Trade, GSIU-CAU, and talk about the issues on "North Korea's Returning to a state sponsor of terrorism" and "Result of the judgement on U.S journalists".
In style
In style  
The Art of Dress
When hot summer approaches, women look simpler with a dress. The art of dress is a key to prepare hot summer. A well-made choice on a dress makes you look sexier, and more feminine. Arirang Today will introduce you the art of dress or how to make a good choice in dressing up this summer's must.
Breathing Multiculturalism into Korea
Woosong University at Daejeon has six different schools. Each of them keeps pace with internationalization in terms of education quality and facilities. Among those faculties, the Solbridge International School of Business is seen as the most prominent. Planning to be the Asia's best international business school, the Solbridge is now gaining a foothold by hiring 22 scholars from 8 different countries and accepting students from various countries that are up to 200 numbers. Arirang Today will meet the enthusiastic professors and ambitious students of Solbridge International School of Business.
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