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Munbaeju, A Wine Fit for A King

Munbaeju is Korea's finest wine and brewed from wheat, hulled millet, and Indian millet.
The word "munbae" in munbaeju means wild pear and it is given this name because the wine has a fruity scent of a wild pear.

Its origins are traced to the Goryeo Dynasty.
A royal subject of Wang Geon presented him with a home-brewed munbaeju, which his family had made with a secret recipe for generations.
Wang Geon King was so impressed with its taste, that he gave the subject a high-ranking position in the government.
Ever since this event, Munbaeju was a wine drunk by kings, and is commonly served to important foreign dignitaries during welcoming receptions.

When the fields shine with a yellow gold luster during the harvesting season.
Ancient Koreans held a rite in order to brew wine.
Munbaeju is a home-brewed liquor and its secret recipe has been guarded by one family for generations.
Before they begin brewing the wine, they hold a rite to honor their ancestral deities, praying for help to make fine-tasting wine.

Munbaejue is a distilled liquor that is brewed from wheat, hulled millet, and Indian millet. Munbaeju's signature wild pear scent is derived from the fermentation of wheat, hulled millet, and Indian millet.

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