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Pungryu, Korea's Elegant Traditional Culture

Pungryu is an elegant culture that was enjoyed by Koreans, they visited beautiful mountains and valleys reciting poems and playing traditional Korean instruments since ancient times.

Historical depictions of pungryu can be seen in ancient Goguryeo Wall Paintings.
The sheet music of pungryu has been handed down for centuries and Koreans enjoy performing music that was played in ancient times.

Pungryu is traditional Korean chamber music comprised of three musical movements within 15 types of musical pieces.
A full pungryu performance will usually last for 90 minutes.

Traditional Korean chamber music includes eight instruments, which are the geomungo, gayageum, haegeum, yanggeum, daegeum, danso, saepiri, and janggu.

For over 2000 years, Pungryu has broadly influenced Korean artistry and traditional Korean beliefs.
It also instilled Koreans with a strong desire to achieve peaceful coexistence with the world.

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