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Drama Platinum-Love or Nothing
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Introduction Date  , 2019,  (KST)
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This television drama depicts how Korea’s once male-dominated society is changing with the rising prominence of women. It tells the story of four women in a family and how each has a life of her own, independent from any affiliation with men. The oldest daughter is a spinster and lacks interest in men, choosing instead to lead a scholastic life. The second oldest is famous for her temper. The youngest daughter dreams of a Cinderella-like life. Then there is their mother, who is self-centered. Viewers will easily relate to the moving and entertaining stories of these four women.

- Lee Young-whoo (Choi Sang-gyu)
- Son Suk (Jung Sun-hee)
- Cho Min-su (Choi Hwa-young)
- Kwon Min-joong (Choi Mok-young)
- Yoo Seo-jin (Choi Gum-young)
- Park Chan-hwan (Han Beop-gyu)
- Jeon Noh-min (Paik Min-su)

* The drama consists of 63 episodes, and Arirang will broadcast it in its entirety.

Executive Producer
- Kim Joong-shik
- Park Shin-sung
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