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Drama Platinum-Jigsaw Puzzle
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Introduction Date  , 2019,  (KST)
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With the traditional Korean family and its traditions changing in modern times, due to factors including rising divorce and remarriage rates, family morals have also shifted.

Arirang presents a drama titled "Jigsaw Puzzle," a show reflecting the times we live in as well as an American social philosophy coined the "Patchwork Family."

The phrase refers to a "Jogakbo family" one made up of different pieces. The objective of a "Patchwork Family" is to pursue happiness regardless of differences in background among family members.

The series offers a prejudiced view of divorces and remarriages, and a reminder that it's the people that make up the core of a family system.

- Jin Hee-kyung (Suk Ihn-hee)
- Sohn Hyun-ju (Kang Wu-sik)
- Cho Mo-ryong (Choi Kang-ji)
- Choi Chul-ho (Bong Jun-tae)

* The drama consists of 67 episodes, and Arirang will broadcast it in its entirety.

Executive Produce
- Kim Joong-shik
- Park Shin-sung
Provided by MBC
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