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Star-lit Promenade
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About Starlit Promenade Date  , 2018,  (KST)
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Introducing Korean literature to the world.

A nation's literature is like an archive of its culture -- a collection of the past, a record of the present and musings of the future.
That's why Arirang has delved between book covers to bring viewers an insightful glance at Korea's literary culture.

Since Korea's liberation from Japan in 1945, its literary works have often shouldered the country's burdens and pains, reflecting the politics and philosophies of the times. That's why we have chosen the written word through which to examine and share Korean society and its mentality. It's a heavy task, but one Arirang has deemed necessary since 2002. 
Our program features historically important Korean novels and poems that have been translated and published in foreign countries. They are selected by Arirang and the Korea Literature Translation Institute, also sponsors of our program.

We bring you interviews with authors, commentaries by literary critics and dramatizations of scenes from novels, not to mention, visual representations of poems. It's a very contemporary way to understand literature, a method we have casually dubbed "video reading."
Traditionally, we have focused on works by accomplished literary authorities, contemporary classics that have been widely acclaimed. This year, we zoom in on newer, more modern writers who, since the early 90s, have helped set new literary moods and trends with their highly praised works.

Finally, with Korea designated the guest of honor at the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, this year's "Star-Lit" will also pay tribute to works by the authors holding readings at the fair.
So tune in every week to "Star-Lit Promenade." After all, Korean literature is now an integral part of the global book list.

Chief Producer
- Park Jeong-woo
- Kim Oe-sik
- Park Hyung-sil
- Lee Esther
Assistant Directors
- Park Hae-won
- Hong Hae-sun
- Lee Shin-hwa
- Hong Jong-hwa
- Kim Young-ju
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