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The Forest of Willows in Our Minds

Discover womanly energy through the willow, which functions as an important metaphor for explaining a "birth-growth-relationship" and a "making-paring-reunion."

Sprout the bud of symbol on water.

Birth of 'Jacheongbi'. Meeting with an Unmarried Young Man, 'Mun'. Relationship through Willow. Water, woman, and willow have a tie of life. Willow is the synecdoche of woman and the symbol of 'exorcising evil spirits' and 'purification'.

Enjoying the Sound of Willow Pipe
The scent of willow comes around along with the sound of the reed pipe. In the early spring, the sap of the pussy willow by the brook started to rise. Make holes on the stem of the pussy willow and blow it to make sounds. Absorbed in the memory for a while.

Poetry and Willow - Like Gisaeng(Korean Geisha) Hongrang, like Willow
I will be the willow on your bedside. A poem the gisaeng(Korean geisha) in the middle of the Joseon period, Hongrang, gave to her parting lover, Choi Gyeong-chang. Hongrang wrote this poem by the willow in the rain in the evening.

Come back to me when the willow grows.
Cheonan Samgeori is known for the sad legend related with the weeping willow and taverns. As the place is connected to Seoul, Daejeon and Jincheon, it had been filled with taverns. In the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty, Yu Bong-seo had to leave her young daughter here by the royal order. The father took willow branches and planted them here and they grew thickly later.

Divinity of Willow
The tree deified with cosmological divinity is the willow. The world of hierophanies. Various themes of the willow can be discussed in Northeast Asian culture.

Forest of Willow in Our Minds
Willow is the forest of symbols containing water, woman, and life.
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