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A Mother's Environment Report : Part 1. Fukushima and Its Aftermath

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On February 25, 2016, President Park Geun-hye marked her three years in office. In her auguration speech back in 2013, President Park highlighted trust as the underlying
After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident that busted Japan's 'safety myth' in March 2011, continuous restoration and salt manufacturing work have been going on until now. Despite this, there are still traces of the horrific situation of that time remaining in various places, and the concern for radioactivity has grown to a point where our food and health are being threatened.

We are living in an ecocrisis era.

The artificial ecocrisis that man has made will change according to how we live and what kind of choices we make. This, in turn, will change our future.

We don't just simply report environmental pollution and let people know about its dangers. We go beyond that and search for alternative plans that can minimize pollution and create a clean and safe world through our efforts and actions.