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SAT, 2014-12-20  KST

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Rapper Outsider can deliver fast rap with precise accuracy. He has leaped over the non-mainstream genres of music industry and is rising as a top-notch singer. Our date with this fast talker starts right now.

Outsider created the speed rap sensation and is back with his 2nd album "Maestro" after a 18 month break. A unique charisma, different from the one he radiates on stage could be seen in his practice.

With a fast beat and lyrical melody, the title song "Loner" from Outsider's second album had his quick-firing rap and its soul-touching lyrics about healing the wounded was impressive.

Amongst the many rappers, Outsider distinguishes himself! He has an exquisite skill for going through 17 syllables in one second, and his rap is the result of hard practice.

His quick-firing rap pours out non-stop with no room for errors. Speed is important but you can't leave out the accuracy in the delivery of lyrics.

Oustider confidently challenged the music industry from the non-mainstream genre of "Hip-Hop" and he revealed that he had a music mentor. That person was his management representative MC Sniper who produced this album.

As much as his popularity is sky-rocketing in Korea, Outsider is receiving continuous scout offers from overseas Hip-Hop musicians. Recently, he succeeded in working together with the popular U.S. Hip-Hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Meanwhile, Outsider has become the talk of town online with his remarkable resemblance to actor Kim MungMin . The Netizens posted photos comparing the two celebrities, stating that they were doublegangers (same word as doppelganger, which means a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person).

Thanks to the enthusiastic love of his fans, Outsider is going through an extremely busy schedule. In his jam-packed schedule, he finds some time for himself in the car.

In all honesty, the music industry is dominated by idol singers, but Outsider swept the on and offline markets, and one can say that his popularity was unforeseen.

What does Outsider think about the activities of idol singers?

At the concert of fellow Hip-Hop group Uptown who are back after a 3 year break.
Amidst the heated enthusiasm of the crowd, Outsider goes on stage and radiates a unique charisma that captivates the audience. He doesn't seem like a rookie when he enjoys his performances to its max.

Outsider is a true maestro who moves the senses of his listeners! We hope he becomes a musician shakes and moves the audience.

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  • Onglai77 (Malaysia)

    You are my favourite rapper.You really can rap that fast.Very impressing~

  • bomuiawaits (USA)

    Hi, Outsider! (:
    I don't know if you'll read this or not but your rap is very inspiring. Your fans can relate to your lyrics strongly, even though it might take a few listens to hear it word for word! Haha. :D Personally, I loved "Loner", as did many other people. I like that you thoroughly think through your lyrics and you don't just write ridiculous lyrics just for the rhythm (not that it's a bad thing though! :O ). I think for someone who can write such strong lyrics, he must be a very thoughtful and charming person inside and out. Haha, I don't mean to flatter but that is completely what I think of you and your personality. (:
    I hope you continue to strive for your goals and continue making music that people will definitely enjoy. Keep practicing your rap and you'll definitely become the fastest rapper not only in Korea, but in the whole world! (:
    Outsider Hwaiting! ♥

  • duraboy11 (Nepal)

    hey Outsider,,,its me Kamal......., you are mindblowing,,really outstanding,,,,,,,,we love you brother..........keep ruling the music industry..........keep on rocking....

  • tskyshiroo (Oman)

    outsider is so cool.he can raps really fast and that's so amazing.
    wow i really like him.

  • anionhaseo (France)

    Outsider is really amazing...we can see that he works hard and his work makes great results...his fast rap is amazing, his voice is really cool, and his face is quite charming too...he also has a very positive attitude, smiling a lot, and talking so freshly and nicely...i really like watching him on tv and i enjoy listening to his songs so much...

    I am just curious about one thing : what is the real name of "outsider"? i want to know his korean name...
    Because saying "Outsider oppa" sounds a bit strange!^^kkkk

    anyway "outsider oppa" kkkk you are great! fighting!! Outsider CHWEGO !!! Go go fighting!

  • 097376 (Myanmar)

    u r brilliant.i like ur songs.i have seen u now that u r really fast talker.i appreciated u.i always encourage u.fighting...............

  • 26219ali (Saudi Arabia)

    Outsider is the best I really I love you so much GOOD LUKE

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