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Kim Ha-neul

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The charming actress who seems innocent at times and chic and independent at others... Let's find out all you need to know about Kim Ha-neul right this minute!

Kim Ha-neul, who had a strong career as a model, made her acting debut through the movie, 'Bye June,' in 1998. Immediately after, she gained a tremendous amount of love and popularity through the music video for Jo Sung-mo's 'To Heaven,' which caused a huge sensation.

Kim Ha-neul expanded her acting career and debuted as a TV actress through the drama, 'Happy Together,' which was about the conflict and love among 5 siblings. Then in the drama, 'Into the Sunlight,' she played the lead as the daughter of a conglomerate family and received positive reviews for her performance.

She returned to the big screens in 2000 through the story of pure love, 'Ditto,' where she starred alongside the handsome actor Yoo Ji-tae. Their depiction of love transcending time and space moved everyone to tears in the theaters and the movie became a huge hit!

She worked together with the top actors of the time - Ko Soo and Zo In-sung - in the inspirational drama 'Piano' that urged the viewers to rethink about the meaning and value of family. A year later, she showed off her charming appeals in the drama 'Romance,' where she played a teacher who falls in love with her student. She became a symbol of innocent beauty and even won the Excellence in Acting Award at the end of that year.

Despite her great success as the iconic innocent beauty, she decided to make a complete transformation! Her perfect depiction of her character, Soo-ah, a daughter of a family running a chicken farm, in the movie, 'My Tutor Friend,' helped her gain the title of the queen of romantic comedy! Her image transformation didn't stop here. She also emerged as a new horror queen through the movie, 'Dead Friend,' in 2004.

She starred in the drama, 'Stained Glass,' about unrequited love in 2004...before making a comeback to the big screens through 'Almost Love' about the great friendship shared between two people of the opposite sex. Needless to say, her popularity continued to soar and she became one of the top TV and film actresses in Korea.

She completely transformed into her character, Oh Seung-ah, an arrogant actress in the drama 'On Air,' which allowed the viewers to take a glimpse behind the scenes of drama productions. Her phenomenal acting skills were recognized and she swept the Excellence in Acting Awards at various award ceremonies.

In 2009, she starred in her first-ever action flick 'My Girlfriend is an Agent,' where she played the role of a government agent who had to keep her true identity a secret from everyone she knows - even her boyfriend. She played the role of a fragile yet strong and independent doctor in 'Road No. 1,' a drama filmed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

She appeared in a variety program for the first time last year - through '1 Night 2 Days.‘ She received an explosive response from the viewers for showing off her true personality and revealing her face without any makeup on!

She gave an excellent portrayal of a visually impaired woman in the movie, 'Blind,' who tries to get to the bottom of a serial killing spree. She won Best Actress for the first time in her career and shed tears of joy.

She returned as the queen of romantic comedy through the movie, 'You Pet,' which was adapted from a Japanese drama. She played the role of a woman who takes care of a younger guy as her pet. Over 27,000 people attended the fan meeting held in Japan to celebrate the opening of the movie.

Kim Ha-neul is set to star alongside Jang Dong-gun in the upcoming drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity,' and everyone's looking forward to seeing their great chemistry on screen.

Kim Ha-neul is more charming than ever and we can't wait to see another fantastic transformation in her upcoming drama!

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  • Beriwan (Turkey)

    Kim Ha Neul!!^^ So Pretty!!^^ You Are My Favourite Actress!!^^ SARANGHAE!!^^ HWAETING!! <3

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    you are amazing pretty, more power to u. I love your new drama! God bless you always!

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  • deealovekpop (Germany)

    you are so beautiful !!! you are doing a good job HWAITING !!!!

  • bkson56 (Nepal)

    you are gorgeous and lovely along with jang geun suk

  • fourdh79 (Korea)

    7rmq rhdandnjs ghkdlx

  • asyifaiph0 (Indonesia)

    Oeotokheeee! You look Gorgeous On Youre My pet with Lovely Jang Geun Suk. hihihihi

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