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THU, 2014-12-18  KST

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Kang Dong-won

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A tall, handsome actor with one of the tiniest faces in the industry who is also famous for his intellect! Let's find out all about Kang Dong-won, a former model who gradually rose to superstardom, right this minute!

Kang Dong-won began his modeling career after being picked up on the street by a talent agent! After his debut, he quickly became one of the most sought-after models by photographers and fashion designers.

He then made his debut as an actor in the 2003 drama, 'The Funny Wild Girl.' Despite the fact that it was his first time acting, he showed great potential as an actor and received positive reviews.

He was then cast as the lead in the drama, 'Something About 1%,' where he portrayed the cold yet attractive Lee Jae-in (이재인), who falls in love with a woman played by Kim Jung-hwa (김정화). It gained much popularity and the viewer rating soared through the roof. His excellent acting skills were recognized and he won the Best New Actor award at the end of the year.

After securing his spot as an actor relatively quickly compared to other actors, he made a comeback through the drama, 'Magic.' But unfortunately, the drama failed to capture the attention of the viewers.

Kang Dong-won, who had been getting tired of the production system of dramas, turned his eyes over to the film industry. He played an extremely charming character in his first movie and successfully entered the film industry.

In 2004, he was cast in a role that he'd never forget! He played the role of a high school student, Tae-sung (태성), who secretly admires a girl his senior, in the movie 'Temptation of Wolves.' He is said to have been one of the main reasons why girls of all ages decided to check out the movie! He swept the popularity and best new actor awards at various film festivals and became a household name in Korea.

He gave a shot at a historical production for the first time through the movie, 'Duelist,' which dealt with unrequited love between a female detective and an assassin. He caught everyone's eyes with his outstanding swordsmanship.

He then made another transformation through a movie! He played the role of a man on death row, named Yoon-soo (윤수), who starts to share a deep connection with a woman visiting him in prison, in the movie, 'Our Happy Time,' and flooded the theaters in tears.

Kang Dong-won didn't stop making transformations as an actor! He played the role of a child abductor in the movie, 'Voice of Murderer, which was based on a true story.

It's been said that Kang Dong-won rehearsed day and night to perfectly match the voice of the actual kidnapper.

He partnered up with Lee Myung-se (이명세), the director of 'Duelist,' for the movie 'M,' in which he played the role of a best selling author, who can't seem to differentiate reality from fantasy.

He then transformed into the misbehaving taoist wizard, Jeon Woo Chi (전우치), who battles against the goblins to save the world. He spared no efforts to perfectly depict his character, flying across the sky and jumping off buildings on wire. He went to great lengths to deliver this great fantasy action film, which brought in over 6 million viewers to the box office.

With 'Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard' still playing in theaters, he began promoting the movie, 'Secret Reunion,' where he partnered up with the talented veteran actor Song Kang-ho (송강호). Their battle on screen caused a sensation all over the nation and the movie attracted over 5 million viewers to the theaters.

The movie, 'Haunters,' with a unique storyline depicted a battle between a man with supernatural powers played by Kang Dong-won and the only man who wasn't affected by his powers played by Ko Soo (고수).

It caught the attention of countless female fans of the handsome actors Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo and became a huge hit at the box office.

Kang Dong-won seems perfect from head to toe, but even he had a tiny flaw!

Kang Dong-won had also been highly active as a model for various commercials before his military enlistment in late 2010 and his commercials can still be seen on TV, which proves his undying popularity!

Kang Dong-won is set to be discharged near the end of this year~ and we look forward to his fabulous comeback!

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  • Beriwan (Turkey)

    Kan Dong Won^^~ AWESOME!!!^^ I Love Your Movies!!^^ Specially Jeon Woo Chi^^ SARANGHAE!! HWAETING!! <3

  • samshik (Philippines)

    What is happening to him now, hardly get some news pls come out soon oppa. we missed you

  • amoureux (El Salvador)

    Waiting for you! I've just known recently about you and your work. I really admire you. You are a great guy! Sorry for the mistakes, my mother language is spanish. Greetings from Latinamerica. Abrazos!!! (means "Hugs").

  • john3821 (Korea)

    I love kang dong won (heart)

  • KimHeLee11 (Brunei Darussalam)

    can't wait for you to be back on screen .. much love from Brunei

  • choden (Bhutan)

    i luv u kang dong won... u rock....

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