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THU, 2014-12-18  KST

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Park Jin-hee

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She's in her 13th year as an actress, and with her trademark bright smile, she is performing superbly on the big and small screens. Let us meet actress Park Jin-hee (박진희), who radiates more than others because of her consistency and passion for acting.

It's a sunny April day, and preparations for the release of this spring's much anticipated movie 'My Mom' are all set. Leading actress Park Ji-hee (박진희) seemed nervous, and revealed her feelings about the premiere.

The movie 'My Mom' is about a mother who thinks her daughter's the best in the world. Her daughter comes back home out of the blue, and the mother and daughter take their first ever trip for 2 nights 3 days. This movie uses the touching maternal love as its theme, and Park Jin-hee (박진희) underwent an acting transformation for her role.

Until now, Park Jin-hee (박진희) usually portrayed bright and happy characters in many movies. She went through an acting metamorphosis for her role in this movie, in which she acts as the daughter 'Ji-suk' (지숙) whose days are numbered. The filming took place in Jung-eup (정읍) city, North Jeolla (전라) province and she lived there for a majority of the filming so that she could be immersed in her role.

Park Jin-hee (박진희) has matured a lot and her acting transformation in this new movie was perfect. It's as if the character 'Ji-suk' (지숙) is still lingering in her big and deep eyes.

She debuted in 1998 through the movie 'Memento Mori,' where her role as a prim and proper student left a strong impression on the viewers. Thanks to this movie, she soared to the top in the commercial industry, even modeling for one cell phone brand. At the same time, she was cast for the leading role in many productions, making her into an outstanding actress.

One of the biggest advantages about actress Park Jin-hee (박진희) is her active career. She didn't cause any scandals, and the productions she worked on for the past 13 years are circumstantial evidence that she's accepted as an actress.

A lot of her fans still seem to remember the image Park Jin-hee (박진희) created through her first production 'Memento Mori.' Maybe that's why but she's been chosen as an actress who looks good in a school uniform, and she even wore a uniform in her recent project.

Actress Park Jin-hee (박진희) has the sophisticated and chic image, but at the same time, she also has an easy-going and healthy image. She gave off an honest, confident and active feel about herself until now in her productions.

She's a modest actress, but her passion for acting is just the same, if not bigger than other actors. At the moment, there's a big rush for Korean celebrities to debut overseas. Park Jin-hee (박진희) also expressed a determined resolution to not miss out on that opportunity.

For the past 13 years, Park Jin-hee (박진희) did not fix herself into one role, but did her best to show different characters every time in new works. In her career, she stated that there's a character she never tried out before.

Not only does she act, Park Jin-hee (박진희) gained a lot of experience through studies, volunteer work and in many other outlets. She has strong faith that these experiences will make her life more worthwhile.

She's an actress who makes the best out of her life. That's Park Jin-hee's (박진희) method of survival and we'll keep an eye out on her future works.

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