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FRI, 2014-12-19  KST

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Kim Jung-hwa

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Kim Jung-hwa Returns to the Small Screen with a Complete Makeover

Kim Jung-hwa, an actress who draws our attention with her western features! The gorgeous 25 year-old actress has made her first appearance in a historical drama. You'll be amazed as today's Star Focus unveils the true talent of Kim Jung-hwa.

Kim Jung-hwa has returned to the small screen in "The Land of Wind," an epic drama centered around the life of Daemusin, a king of the ancient Korean Kingdom Goguryeo. Ever since she appeared in the historical drama, its already high viewers' rating went up even higher.

In the drama, Kim Jung-hwa plays Queen Lee Ji, a femme fatale character who is obsessed with power and burning desires. It was easy to tell that the actress was fully determined to captivate the viewers thorough her convincing performance of the cold, ambitious queen.

Unlike contemporary dramas, "The Land of Wind" has many close-up shots. Kim Jung-hwa says that she has to put tremendous effort and pay attention to every detail, even a small gesture and eye movement, when she films close-up scenes.

Kim Jung-hwa made her debut in 2000 in singer Lee Seung-hwan's music video "You, You." Over the past 8 years, the young, but seasoned actress has ceaselessly expanded her horizons, appearing in numerous TV series, movies, as well as musicals.

People often mistake her for being much too prim and proper due to her appearance. But in fact, she is a very social and easy going girl. Perhaps, that's why people pay even more attention to Kim Jung-hwa when she takes on the role of a "bad woman."

Having 8 years of experience under her belt, Kim Jung-hwa has played opposite numerous top stars, such as So Ji-sub, Kang Dong-won, Gong Yoo and Song Il-kook. To know more about the actress, we asked her what her ideal type of guy would be.

Following her instant rise to stardom, she encountered many challenges for two years. She was even in a dilemma about whether to continue her acting career or put an end to it. However, Kim Jung-hwa didn't give up and was eventually able to make a breakthrough.

Having solid acting skills, she now plans to deliver captivating performances more often. Kim Jung-hwa says that she is confident about her future acting career as she truly loves acting and her passion for it as never waned. Acting is indeed inseparable from her life.

On the outside, she may appear to be a cold person due to her tall height and chiseled features. But in the inside, she is a warm-hearted lady with a cheerful personality. We look forward to seeing more of Kim Jung-hwa in the near future.

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  • 2221986han (Myanmar)

    you are really famous in tv drama"Taste sweet love" and money world.Myanmar audience call you as"Dar Dar".What is your nexy production?

  • sahli (France)

    I love you unnie!!! Really in all your dramas I found you really talented (and funny ^^)!!!! Hope to see more of you soon in a romantic and comic drama^^ !! Fighting

  • thin706 (Bhutan)


  • 23Jcelle (Philippines)

    hope you have more projects to come!
    i'll be looking forward to it! ^_^

  • tintin (Philippines)

    I miss your character in New Nonstop! ^_^

  • ADRIANOZALA (Malaysia)

    all the best kim love to see ur dramas ^^

  • youmenhim (Philippines)

    @,,chungma..!!!??i thought i am one who said that her feature is like in western but when i read this i am relieved and i believed that was true... ur amazing woman!!! always keep ur work perfect for us...!!gogogo!!!

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