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MON, 2014-12-22  KST

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Kim Kang-woo

Kim Kang-woo
Date of Birth
JUL 11, 1978
Marine Boy(2009), Mask(2007), Le Grand Chef(2007), The Railroad(2006), The Aggressives (2005), The Coast Guard (2002)
Best Male Actor Award at the 6th Busan Film Critique Association (2005), Best Actor Award at the 25th Torino Film Festival (2007)

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Kim Kang-woo

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There's an actor who's been working his way quietly and steadily up to the top.
He didn't get any breaks along the way - he built up his reputation one step at a time.
We bring you Kim Kang-woo, today's guest on STAR FOCUS. Kim Kang-woo was the recipient of "Best Actor" at the 25th Torino Film Festival for his performance in "The Railroad." When he returned from Italy, fans and press were ready for him at the airport.

"The Railroad" won acclaim abroad, but didn't reach the same fate within Korea.
It tells the tale of an encounter between a man and woman who are both exhausted from everyday life. They meet at Imjin River Station, the last stop on a railroad line. They're strangers, but find themselves talking and able to soothe each others' wounds.

Not only did Kim Kang-woo win "Best Actor" at an international film festival in Europe, he's been blessed nationally, as well! His current feature, "Le Grand Chef," is a hit at the box offices!
Even though "Le Grand Chef" doesn't have a "top star" cast, it's been viewed by 2.5 MILLION so far and counting!

Kim Kang-woo's majored in film production, but producing and directing wasn't the career he chose. He began acting in 2002, with a part in the movie, "The Coast Guard." But he didn't stand out until his memorable performance in the 2003 film, "Silmido."
Two years after, he took the lead in a film about youthful passion and fire in "The Aggressives."

Through a variety of productions, Kim Kang-woo displayed his knack for acting.
He then proceeded to expand his talent into other areas of entertainment.
Films, TV dramas, commercials, music videos... the list goes on - and so does the list of variety in his characters!
Kim Kang-woo was becoming an entity that could no longer be overlooked.

The actor will be attempting yet ANOTHER transformation in the film, "The Mask."
"The Mask" is a thriller about uncovering the truth behind a homicidal killer, and Kim Kang-woo plays a tough detective caught in the middle of it all. It's a role that's 180 degrees from the one in "Le Grand Chef"! A charismatic new role, PLUS it's Kim's first public scene in bed!

Kim Kang-woo plays a sexy cop in "The Mask." He's tough, and the epitome of the strong, "I-can-do-anything" type! It's a new side revealed for his many fans!
He always picks such different roles, we asked if he had a particular approach to acting.

He's right. Acting isn't a profession that can be overcome with burst of short sprints. It's more like running a marathon and Kim Kang-woo paces himself for the long stretch left ahead of him.
He's an actor to keep an eye on and that's just what we plan on doing.

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