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TUE, 2014-12-23  KST

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Lim Chang-jung

Lim Chang-jung
Date of Birth
NOV 30, 1973
wife Kim Hyun-joo (1 son)
"If the Sun Rises in the West," "Sex is Zero," "Miracle on 1st Street," "Underground Rendez-vous," "Scout"
2008, The 44th BaekSang Arts Awards, Film category, best male actor award, 2003, The 39th BaekSang Arts Awards, Galleria popularity award

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Lim Chang-jung

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Korea's original multi-entertainer (임창정) Im Chang-jung is back with a new album. He dominated the music scene with his sensual, heartwrentching ballad songs back in the 90's, but he retired from singing in 2003 to focus on his acting career. However, he returned to the music industry in 2009 with the album "Long Time No See". And these days, he's delighting everyone with his exceptional singing and acting skills. Let's go meet Im Chang-jung (임창정) right now.

Im Chang-jung (임창정) has released more than 100 songs until today. He's known for his ballad songs, but what you might not know is that more than half of his songs were written by Im Chang-jung (임창정) himself. This includes his latest song "A Guy Like Me". He's been active as a singer for nearly 20 years. We asked him which songs he is most attached to.

Im Chang-jung (임창정) began his acting career in 1990 with the movie "North Korean Partisan in South Korea". He then rose to stardom through the movie "Beat", starring (정우성 & 고소영) starring Jung Woo-sung and Ko So-young. Im Chang-jung (임창정) is prominent in Korean entertainment as an actor as well, and his comical expressions and humane acting are his trademarks.

The movie "Tumbleweed" is about a guy, who has no family, friends or lovers, living in prison as a substitute prisoner for the others. Im Chang-jung (임창정) gave a shot at a noir film for the first time in his 23 year acting career. Many people have high expectation for the movie as well as Im Chang-jung's (임창정‘s) acting transformation.

We could feel his love and passion for acting. He's a true actor who is willing to do anything to expand his horizons. This time, we asked him his plans both as a singer and an actor.

Im Chang-jung (임창정) recently appeared in the program "Hidden Singer Season 2". The program format is to have a professional singer and five amateurs take turns performing while hidden behind a curtain. Then the audience gets to vote on who they think is the professional singer, based only on the voice. Professional singer Huh Gak (허각) also appeared on the (임창정) Im Chang-jung edition of the program as one of the five amateurs and he showed his deep respect to (임창정) Im Chang-jung. Im Chang-jung (임창정) is an inspiration to his juniors.

Im Chang-jung (임창정) encourages people to tackle new challenges and have dreams and passion. He's showing more depth in his singing voice and touching everyone's heart.

23 years as an actor and 19 years as a singer. The original multi-entertainer (임창정) Im Chang-jung cherishes each and every moment of his life both as a singer and an actor. We sincerely wish him continued success.

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