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Pops in Seoul
Pops in Seoul
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I Feel Like
This week's topic
Start Date : 2011-01-04
  1  Unfair stereotype / fixed idea! (Have you ever felt unjustly stereotyped!!!)
  2  Have you ever been in a mess or a fiasco because of your 'delusion'?
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  paratooniro (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
2015-04-16 4:31:21(KST)
  Hiiiii! I am parastoo from iran im fan of snsd and exo i really like kpop but its draem for me to go to their concert because my familly arent very rich ihope maybe they have aconcert in turkey near us
And i see just once their face. in iran kpop have a lots of fan oh God ireally want them
Ihope u read my comment
  rowleynm (USA)
2013-11-15 6:47:28(KST)
  Dear, Kevin, Eli, and Alexander,

My name is Nicky Marie from the USA. I have been a U-kiss fan for about a year and I just want to thank you guys for your awesome music. Without it, I do not know how I would be able to keep going.

My life is a constant struggle. Everyday I am always trying to get my life together, at least for that day. Because of U-kiss's music, I am able to keep fighting. I cannot thank you enough. I listen to your music everyday, all day. I always carry my iPod with your music in my ears.

I just recently discovered Pops in Seoul, so sorry if I am way late on finding this amazing program. I hope you guys still air it. You guys are amazing and talented. You are my entertainment and inspiration each day.

Please continue to make awesome music and Pops in Seoul. Stay strong!

Oh, Dong Ho will be missed by his fans and the fans of U-kiss. We love you Dong Ho. Please stay strong enough to overcome your situation.

Love you U-kiss Saranghaeyo <3<3<3
  PurinsesuMia (USA)
2012-11-14 3:41:35(KST)
  Hiiiiiii boys I jus wanna say tht ya three r one good looking handsome guys with beautiful smile.i love u guys n all the best now n in future byee xoxoxox love Mia ;)  
  AndaAngel (Poland)
2012-10-20 9:38:37(KST)
  Hello Dear Kevin Alexander Eli, Here your KissMe From Poland My name is Angelika I have a 14 years old and I am a disabled. I am writing to you, because I want to say you my litte story. On
beginning I hated my life for the fact that, I was born like this... Yes, it was a massacre, I cried, at any time when I saw children playing in my backyard, how they running around, doing something that I could not do it, I was in depressed. I did not know what to do with my life... To Time how I met k-pop in 2010 and I met you and your song ,,Man Man Ha Ni". Yeah, at that time, everything around me has completely changed. I could not take my eyes and ears of this song so I decided to look for other songs. And that's how I became a kissme, this was strange, because in the beginning I hated Kevin I only liked his voice. but he hypnotized me and now I love him. to this day do not know why and how I fell in love, but for me it came out good because now I have a dreams, thanks to your music I started live one more time. Thank You U-Kiss I hope that you come someday to poland because polish KissMe waiting on you and me too... I hope that we will meet and I be can talk with you for a moment and in particular with you Kevin Oppa ;* Hot kisses from me and other Poland KissMe ;*
  KevinsWife (USA)
2012-07-27 7:41:18(KST)
  Dear Kevin, Alexander, and Eli. My name is Lila and I am part Japanese and American. I live in America. I hate the American stereotype that all Asians are Chinese. Also when people tell me that I can only eat rice. Kevin, you are so Amazing!!!!!  
  danira88 (Bosnia Hercegovina)
2012-07-14 7:49:12(KST)
  heyyy guuys :) my name is danira and I'm from Bosnia & Herzegovina ( I hope you know about that country ) ...wanted to know is there any way to cantact you guys,espaecially Eli ? I wil probably never be able to come to one of your concerts but i would really like to meet you :)  
  Isabellaqiu (Austria)
2012-07-04 8:23:37(KST)
  Hi U-KISS oppas!! My name is Isabella and I come from China, but I'm living in Austria now.^^ I'm really upset, because I'm being bullied at school just because i'm Chinese!! I really don't now what to do... It really hurts me. What should i do? PS: I love you soo much Kevin <3!! Please come to Vienna once please.... ^_^  
  Dorky4life (USA)
2012-06-23 4:09:11(KST)
  hello handsome Eli, prince Kevin, adorable funny Alexander! People say that i'm lucky because i get whatever i want when i want but i really dont. Cause if i did i'll be living in korea by now. The reason why i get what ever i want is because my my dad is chef and he gets paid very well and my mom is a doctor. My mom knows i love U-KISS and she buys me the posters, albums, autograph albums, light sticks, kiss me shirts, and other U-KISS stuff! I'm glad to have them but i think my mom bought to much stuff that my whole room in full of u-kiss items. I even have a Dongho teddy bear!! Some people say they wish to be me. By the way if you see Dongho can you please tell him i said hi!! (my name is Angel) Bye Saranghae!!!  

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