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Pops in Seoul
Pops in Seoul
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I Feel Like
This week's topic
Start Date : 2011-01-04
  1  Unfair stereotype / fixed idea! (Have you ever felt unjustly stereotyped!!!)
  2  Have you ever been in a mess or a fiasco because of your 'delusion'?
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  kittykat3701 (USA)
2012-06-08 11:29:17(KST)
  Anneong U-KISS oppas! My name is Katherine and I am a huge fan!!! First of all, I am Filipino so I want to guys to say "Mahal kita Kat!" (it's my nickname)
U-KISS hwaiting! Saranghaeyo.....keep working hard because the more you work hard, I know you'll be more and more famous...My friends all love you because of me! People around my school are steareostpes,well alot, anyway.. It really hurtts because I'm the olny foreign person and being bullied is hard for me!!! But, I'm samrt!!! ^_^
  KiwiCutie (Canada)
2012-05-29 9:04:31(KST)
  Hi Kevin, Eli, and Alexander! I have been stereotyped a lot since I am very tiny and have a small voice,because of this they assume I am very weak. I hang out with all the guys at my school and when I play a game with them they feel like they should be more gentle. I really want to just play the game! I love you guys and could I have Kevin say hi to me? (My name is Sage) Saranghaeyo!  
  Kpopkissme21 (USA)
2012-05-19 10:53:28(KST)
  Hello U-KISS!!! I just want to start off by saying I love you guys! You guys are amazing and I love, love, love your music. An unfair stereotype that i have had is guys think I am "easy" just because I am not skinny like other girls. They think that they can say one line and I will hook up with them because they think i am desperate or something. Its not true!!! I am not desperate and I am waiting for the right person. Anyways, I love guys and keep up the amazing work. U-KISS FIGHTING!!!! <3  
  kissmehelen (USA)
2012-03-17 12:15:03(KST)
  HI U-KISS<3 first I just want to say I love you guys so much. Please keep making music because I absolutely love it. Unfair stereotypes? I get a couple. People think I'm dumb because I'm blonde, even though I'm not! I get straight A's. haha(:  
  juleskelsey (USA)
2011-12-29 1:11:04(KST)
  Hey guys! I love your show; it's hilarious! My sister really got me interested in this stuff. You guys rock! I'm sad that Alexander and Kibum are not in U-kiss any more though. Kevin and Elii, you guys are so cute together! (Alexander, you are awesome, too!) I am in not Asian but I love listening to Asian music, even though I can understand it. I hate how people stereotype me as weird for being interested in foreign cultures. I have loved Asian culture for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine my life without it. However, where I live (in California) it is considered strange or nerdy. :(
I still love you guys though! :)
  Zirah1611 (Brunei Darussalam)
2011-12-29 1:45:43(KST)
  Hey guys! Well, yeah.. I did run into some mess last time. It all started when I was in class, having lessons. I was very bored listening to the teacher that time, so it's very normal of me to think things randomly.
This time, I was like hungry since i haven't ate breakfast that morning. So completely, I was totally thinking about Chickens. And there it was, My brain made a song out of your song, Man Man ha ni. But It changed up the lyrics though.
I sang it like this, ' Oh chicken when i think about you i want you my my honey '.
Somehow, it was pretty weird that the whole class was laughing. I looked around me to see my classmates laughing at me. And i asked my partner, " what happened? . but she was laughing. But then, the teacher glared at me and said, " would you like to sing one of your chicken songs to the front? "
that's when I realized that I was actually singing it loudly. It was preeeeety embarassing. i couldn't stop blushing!! ><
  abennia501 (Australia)
2011-11-05 3:19:38(KST)
  Hey Eli, Kevin and Alexander :) I'm Victoria, and I'm from Brisbane in Australia ^^ (Yeah, all the way down here). So, I don't really have a lot of friends, but those I do have seem to think that K-Pop is a waste of time. Being a good friend, I sit there and I act like I like the music they listen to, because I know that I don't want to hurt their feelings, but I'm sick of being stereotyped, and even kicked out of the group because of the music I listen to.

My friends don't seem to understand... I found K-Pop at a time in my life when things were difficult. U-Kiss especially, as well as a couple of other groups, brought me out of the slump I'd found myself in and you guys helped me go on. Why should I be stereotyped because of that?

I hope you guys have all the best in the future :) ps: Eli, I love your voice ^^
  Rinrinri (USA)
2011-06-23 10:49:53(KST)
  I just wanted Kevin Oppa to know; I absolutely love you, stay amazing I hope to meet you one day, you're my role model.  

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