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Introduction  , 2020,  (KST)

The "K-Pop Zone" plays the most popular Korean pop music from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. every single day and provides the latest and breaking news from around the Korean entertainment industry. You can expect the latest in everything about Korean celebrities and what's going on in Korean music, drama, film and culture.

Weekday Segments
* 1st Quarter
(Today's) High Low
Listeners can participate by telling us their high point of the day and their low point of the day. Tell us about your day!
Today's Scoops  
News issues from around the globe, everything from the strange and unusual to new technological developments in Korea. If its captivating, youll hear about on Todays Scoops. DJ Young will surf the web himself and give you the raw scoops.
* 2nd Quarter
Show Biz Conte Quiz ( With Liz )
Dont miss your chance to win prizes provided by our sponsors with the Show Biz Conte Quiz. Quiz questions that have to do with the hottest entertainment issues, get ready to answer them and win! Listen to the skit and youll get know exactly what were talking about and youll get important hints to the answers.
Show Biz Now (With Liz )  
Liz has the latest info in Korean culture and entertainment. You wont find faster entertainment news updates anywhere else!

* 3rd Quarter

Monday: Spectacular! Spectacular Yah! (with Kali Kim)  
Kali, the musical expert makes her way down to the musical performances in person and gives us her in depth analysis. She is the girl on top of all the action and she will deliver the review straight to your ears.
Tuesday  : Song & Drama & Love  (with Caelyn)   
Pick a song, any song, Caelyn and Young will sing it for you and perform a skit on the subject of the song. Not only will you hear great music, youll get to see the song played out through a live radio acting performance. Caelyn will also give you her personal experiences on whatever subject were covering.
Wednesday: Meet the Man! Meet the Woman!  
Meet your favorite artists, stars and more on Wednesday afternoons in the third quarter. Every week well have a different artist for you to meet!
Thursday: Gayo 101 (with Janet Lee)  
Korean pop music. What does it mean to those who do not understand Korean? Worry no more because Gayo 101 will educate you on the matters of Gayo. Janet the English teacher will not just educate but entertain as well while getting the message of the song to you.
If youre Korean youre English will improve!
If youre a foreigner, your Korean will improve!
Friday: Hot Issue, Talk Talk Talk (with Liz)  
A highlight of the showbiz news from Monday through Friday. Keep up to date with whats been going on in entertainment.
*4th Quarter
(Todays) High Low
Introduction of the messages the listeners send in.
Request Show, Blow away Stress!!  
Its your time. Its time for you to be the producer and its time for you to be the person choosing the songs. Well play all of the requests you sent in. Get rid of stress; listen to your favorite music!
Weekend Segments
Saturday: 1st Segment- Saturday Sketch  
Travel and leisure information so you can enjoy your free time. We have the information that will save your weekend. 
2nd Segment- Star Story
One artist, all about music. K-pops Best Album.
3, 4th Segment- Weekly Top 20
Top 20 of your favorite hits, Count down to the number one track of the week.
Sunday: 1st Segment- Sunday 1,2,3  
A medley of one, two and three tracks back to back.
2nd Segment- New Album
New albums and new singles for you to listen to. If its new, weve got them. The hit singles and the songs you should keep an ear out for.
3, 4th Segment-  Palgong Gugong
Learn the history and the hidden aspects of K-pop through the hits of the 80s and 90s on the K-pop Zone. Understand K-pop and take a trip on memory bliss.

- Kim Young
- Kim Hee Young
- Noh Mi Eun
- Lim Jae-heung