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'Cine Tracks' offers you everything you need to know about the music of Korean dramas and Korean movies that are gaining in popularity all over the world. Enjoy great music and be the first to hear the latest news about Hallyu stars and the everyday events of the Korean drama and film worlds.

Monday/Cine Collection  
Our host, Wonsuk Chin, chooses classic movies and movies creating buzz to share with you each week, and invites on celebrity guests to provide insights into Korea’s entertainment industry.
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Gain a better understanding of Korean movies and dramas by learning more about Korean actors and movie directors through their filmographies! We spotlight one actor or director each week and trace their careers from debut to present day.
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Wednesday/K-Cine Wire  
What’s happening in the Korean film industry today? Get the week’s top headlines from the movie world.
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Thursday/New Arrivals  
Hear about the latest movies to open in Korea. We choose the most hotly anticipated movies of the week, and give you a sneak peek.
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Friday/Korean Drama Fever  
We introduce the best Hallyu dramas, including past hits and shows currently on air. Plus, hear the latest news in Korean entertainment!
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Saturday/Must Sees  
We are joined by a movie expert who recommends Korean movies that you won’t want to miss.
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Sunday/Soundtracks by Theme  
We choose a theme each week and enjoy the music from dramas and movies that share that theme.
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