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Easy Music on the Ears at Mid Day Break!
The Best Conversations in town on Mid Day Break!
Cool DJ Isak can be found on Mid Day Break!

Your hot afternoon break!
Everyday from 12 to 2 PM
A great time and nothing but hot issues to talk about!
Everyday with Mid Day Break means happiness for you.

Weekday Segments
Song of The Day  
Hot K-Pop or Pop from the past 5 years.
Squiz Quiz  
Isak's Surprise Quiz of the Day.
Clips for Hot Issues  
Entertainment Gossip from the World.
Korean Breeze  
Trends blowing Thru Korea.
Talk Talk Talk  
Learning wave about the listeners.
Weekday Corners
Monday: Star Music Documentary 10 10  
Personal interviews from K-pop stars.
Tuesday: Isak's Ranking Show  
Girl talk over the surveys and rankings on hot current issues.

Wednesday: King of Quiz  
Easy, fun Quiz show for the listeners.
Thursday: Back to 8090  
Looking back at songs, trends, icons of the 80's & 90's.
Friday: Sing 4 U  
Live chance to hear DJ Isak and guest sing listener's song request live!
Saturday: Mentor's Memories  
Looking at great K-pop musicians from the past.
Sunday: Chart Show  
Checking now well K-pop is doing around the world and the hottest pop tracks of the week.
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