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New Nano Drug Delivery Material is Developed Updated: 2010-02-06 00:00:00 KST

A medical contrast medium is a substance used in radiography to increase the contrast of an image.
And a new type of crafted material that makes this medium safer as it is injected into the body has been developed using nanotechnology.
The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology teamed up with multiple French research centers to develop the new substance that can be very effective with only a small amount injected.

[Interview : Hwang Young-gyu, Researcher
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology] "Both the organic and inorganic porosity hybrid materials are synthesized into a nano particle. It is the first time body-friendly nano-materials have been applied as a drug delivery substance."

Nanotechnology has enhanced the drug delivery capability by five to as much as 60 times.
The high delivery rate is achieved by putting a large amount of the drug compound into capsules made with nano-material which then slowly releases the drug.
This newly developed material can also be mass produced which is expected to have a huge impact on commercial applications.

[Interview : Hwang Dong-won, Researcher
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology] "We improved the speed of adhesion and desorption between liquid and air. So, the technology will be used in making air cleaners, commercial dehumidifiers and catalysts."

The nano drug delivery technology market is rapidly growing around the world from a value of about 3.4 billion US dollars in 2007 to over 26 billion dollars expected in 2012.
Choi Won-young, Arirang News.
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