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Araon Crew Members Explore Icebergs in Antarctica Updated: 2010-02-04 00:00:00 KST

The 25 crew members on board Korea's first icebreaker 'Araon' are on an expedition to explore icebergs in Antarctica.
After walking about one kilometer they could see a huge iceberg 200 meters wide and 60 meters high.
Although the expedition team could not proceed further they were happy cracking and collecting ice cubes.
The small bubbles inside the Antarctic ice shine like diamonds and eating the ice can taste like the most delicious frozen treat on earth.
And on their way back to the ship the landlord of the South Pole came out to greet the visitors.
At first the penguin took a look around to figure out who his guests were but soon dropped his suspicious attitude and started playing around.
He even stopped in front of a camera merely one meter away to pose as if he were a model.
The Araon is currently on a mission to survey potential sites in Antarctica at which to establish the country's second polar research station.
For the past 20 years Korea has been running the King Sejong Research Center on King George Island near the Antarctic Peninsula but now the nation aims to set up a second station on the mainland either at Cape Burks or at Terra Nova Bay.
The ship successfully navigated through 500 meters of ice which was up to 1.2 meters thick last Friday.
Choi Won-young, Arirang News.
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