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AT: City of Fathers, Planet B-boy Updated: 2009-10-16 12:00:00 KST

AT: City of Fathers, Planet B-boy
Three men face their tragic destiny in "City Of Fathers," a film about paternal love.
In the midst of their chaotic lives, the three men meet each other once again, at a crossroads.
Tae-seok is a street thug in Busan, who left everything behind to chase after success.
Gang-su is an alcohol and gambling addict, who can barely recall the date of his wife's death.
Jong-cheol is a lonely teenager, constantly abused by his own father.
In "City Of Fathers," these three men are tied to one another through blood and a cruel twist of fate.
Then one day something unexpected turns their lives upside-down.
Jong-cheol is diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer.
Gang-su has already come to his senses, and decides to be a good father to Jong-cheol, once and for all.
Gang-su seeks out Tae-seok and confesses a secret he's kept this whole time.

[Interview : ] "Too long. Keep it short."
[Interview : ] "You're his biological father, you must help him."

The two fathers, Gang-su and Tae-seok, and their son, Jong-cheol.
Watch the story of these three men unravel in "City of Fathers."

"Planet B-boy" is a documentary which won rave reviews at major film festivals, including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.
Director Benson Lee was the man who captured the passion of b-boy dancers on film.
Talented b-boys from all over the world gather in Germany every year.
The documentary introduces 19 b-boy crews taking part in this international tournament.
Each crew's unique and original dance moves are unveiled on-screen.

[Interview : Benson Lee
Director of Planet B-boy ] "Dance is not just a bunch of moves that has no reason, you know. Dance is actually the most deepest personal expression, as a group or as an individual. And to show where they're from, and the culture that they're from, and to understand their personal issues, I think is a wonderful way to see dance and understand it on a much deeper level."

Director Benson Lee closely observed the b-boy lifestyle for five months and communicated these dancers' dreams and artistic values to audiences worldwide.
In the beginning, many of these b-boys faced opposition from their parents.
But they refused to give up.
Their parents gradually came to accept and embrace their enthusiasm.
There's no such thing as language and cultural barriers when it comes to dance.
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