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Korean Stars Go Hollywood Updated: 2009-07-09 12:00:00 KST

Korean Stars Go Hollywood
Korean stars are moving into Hollywood.
Starting with Korean pop star Rain's screen debut in "Speed Racer" last year, a number of Korean stars are finally taking to Hollywood with highly anticipated films.
For the screen version of "G.I. Joe," Paramount Pictures brought together a star team of men who worked on "Transformers," "The Mummy," and "The Bourne Ultimatum."
Lee Byung-hun is one of Korea's top actors.
His fans are looking forward to his Hollywood debut with much anticipation.
An elite military unit known as G.I. Joe is on a mission to protect world peace.
Watch this movie to see their spectacular adventures combatting the evil terrorist organization Cobra.
Korean wave star Jun Ji-hyun has also made it to Hollywood with an action packed feature.
She plays the 400-year-old halfling vampire Saya.
Saya works in a secret government organization to hunt and eliminate other vampires that feast freely on human blood.
Jun Ji-hyun has been treated well, starring in her very first Hollywood feature film.
She has responded to such reception with the most earnest acting.
Simply put, her lines have been polished to perfection.

[Interview : Jun Ji-hyun
Plays Saya in Blood: The Last Vampire ] "I didn't know that doing action is so demanding. I have to wear harness and I have to eat and I have to sleep and I have to wait. It was torturing."

[Interview : Colin Salmon
Plays "Powell" in Blood: The Last Vampire ] "She's focused. She's very strong. She's graceul. I mean she spent, I think, when I went to watch her, she spent 10 hours soaking wet. I didn't hear one complaint."

And then there's an actor who is at a distinct advantage with his mixed heritage and native English skills.
It's Daniel Henney, who plays a fantastic villain in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."
Daniel Henney's appearance was enough to fill seats in Korean theaters.
The fourth in the series, this time the audience is sent deep into the past, to examine the "origins" of our favorite antihero Wolverine.
After killing his own father and losing his girlfriend Kayla to his brother's murderous hands, Wolverine is reborn as Weapon X.
As the hitman Agent Zero, Henney doggedly pursues Wolverine, to fulfill orders and to appease his own inferiority complex.
With their solid fan base in Asian countries, Korean stars are quickly becoming the logical choice for Hollywood films that have Asian sales in mind.
This trend may be short lived, but it will serve Korean actors well to use the opportunity to hone their acting skills and meet more fans around the world.
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