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Movie into Musical: Our Sweet Days of Youth Updated: 2009-06-05 12:00:00 KST

Movie into Musical: Our Sweet Days of Youth
The musical "Our Sweet Days of Youth" is currently playing at You Theater in Cheongdam-dong.

[Interview : Oh Won-taek, Audience member] "I heard this musical was originally a movie, so I'm pretty excited. I'm planning on watching the movie after this."

[Interview : Seo Jeong-hyeon, Audience member] "Actors Ahn Sung-kee and Hwang Sin-hye starred in the movie. I thought it might be fun to watch the musical rendition."

The audience has high expectations.
The main characters of "Our Sweet Days of Youth" are Yeong-min and Hye-rin.
Their love story is made even more poignant with the captivating musical score.
Of course, musicals are all about tunes.

[Interview : Kim Jae-seong, Producer of Our Sweet Days of Youth
] "The musical score follows the movie. "Toselli's Serenade" captures the entire storyline. Some tracks focus on stirring emotions, some add fun to the performance through each character in the musical, and some give a sense of collectiveness. These tracks were distinguished to give structure and add color to the score."

The highlight of "Our Sweet Days of Youth" in both the film and the musical version, is when Yeong-min blindly decides to wait for Hye-rin, and Hye-rin is deeply moved by Yeong-min's unwavering love.

[Interview : Won Gi-jun, Actor in role of Yeong-min
] "People seem to take things too lightly these days. They eat, they love and they break up, like it's no big deal. In a world where everything's taken for granted, I hope many people will watch this musical and be deeply moved by my character's struggle to love and live."

The two lovers are reunited, but they part once again in the face of death.

[Interview : Ahn Seong-gwan, Audience member] "I was really able to feel the actors' grief in the last part, where he loses his wife. The score was also great."

[Interview : Kim Haslam, Audience member
] "I think I learned a lot about love through this musical."

A man's undying love saves a dejected woman and gives her a new reason to live.
This passionate love story shows us that although times have changed, the beauty of love will always stay the same.
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